PAUL, bakers at heart

In 1889, when my great-great grandparents opened their first bakery, they would never have imagined that one day their passion for bread would take us so far away from France… and that you would welcome us so warmly to India!

With more than 130 years of history, we are truly happy to continue sharing our most important values with you, those which have
been passed down through 5 generations of our family: love for bread, the French “art de vivre" and the constant monitoring of the quality of
our products…

Wonderfully combining tradition and modernity, our chefs have created the best platters for you: generous salads topped with the best ingredients, traditional dishes with a creative twist, and your favourite mouth-watering patisseries…

You will also find some favourite local dishes using local ingredients and spices but each dish has been given a small French touch such as quality of cheese being used in the dishes.

Sit down, relax, and let your savoury journey to France begin here.

Bienvenue chez PAUL et… bon appétit !